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Meet Agency Owner Loralee Carmichael

The Carmichael Agency owner, Loralee Carmichael, is no stranger to running a business.

She and her husband John and daughters Renee and Rette ran the family dairy farm that had been in the Carmichael family since 1921, along with a farm supply business. Later, John and Loralee along with their daughters owned and managed three John Deere dealerships in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky. John now continues to own and manage his used equipment dealership along with row crop farming, and is the crop insurance specialist for the agency while Loralee and Renee specialize in all other lines of coverages.

“We are experienced in every aspect of running a business, including all the trials that go along with it, like being compliant, managing employees, controlling overhead, obtaining financing, planning for retirement, and most importantly, being profitable,” said Loralee.

At first glance, one may wonder how her agricultural business experience translates into her current career as an insurance agent. But, at the core of all those businesses, the goal was to help people. And that’s one of the things Loralee loves most about working in the insurance industry.

“I really love my job. I love helping people to understand their coverages and how devastating it can be if the right coverage is not in place,” said Loralee. “Everything is becoming so impersonal anymore. We pride ourselves on our customer service and going above and beyond. We pride ourselves on actually helping our clients, whether it is with a claim, billing, finding the right coverage, or sometimes just listening to them.”

While all insurance lines are essential, life insurance is the line Loralee focuses most on.

“We protect all of our other assets but neglect the most important one—ourselves and our earning power,” said Loralee.

One moment that stands out for Loralee is when she assisted a widow in obtaining the life insurance proceeds from a policy. She wrote the policy after the widow lost her husband very unexpectedly. “She was so thankful for the help and the money, which allowed her to continue to live in their home.”

Loralee has been an insurance agent since 2013, and is licensed in Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky. She specializes in a wide range of coverages, including agricultural and commercial coverages. These include property insurance, crop insurance, Medicare, estate and legacy planning, and, of course, life insurance.

“I absolutely love my job and am so blessed to be able to continue to be a part of the farming community, and help others have peace of mind in knowing that their family’s assets are protected now and, in the future,” said Loralee. “It’s one reason I’m still working at 70. I don’t know that I will ever retire.”

Call (740) 446-4677 or visit carmichaelinsuranceagency.com to talk with Loralee about your insurance needs. Or stop by the office at 579 Jackson Pike in Gallipolis, OH during regular business hours. We are open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Meet the Agent - Renee Carmichael Davis

Being an insurance agent was not necessarily Renee Carmichael Davis’ planned profession. It has allowed her to work closely with the agricultural community, which was something she aspired to do.

“Being an insurance agent, I am fortunate to work closely, not only with farmers, but people I know and want to help,” said Renee. “There is so much education to the ins and outs of insurance, and things can vary from policy to policy. I pride myself in being able to be an advocate for my customers and knowing my policy products to meet their needs.”

The desire to help people is at the core of everything Renee does in being an insurance agent.

“I work hard to be accessible at the time they may need to turn in a claim. When I am selected as your agent, you have hired me for a job, and I don’t take that trust lightly,” said Renee. “I know there are a lot of options out there.”

Renee works to be proactive when one of her customers has a claim to make the process smoother. It could mean anything from making a phone call, to taking pictures, to helping her clients understand the claims process.

One of her first claim experiences was a very large barn fire. She went to the farm immediately and took photos, and assisted the farm owner with all aspects of the claim. By being there, she was able to point out a few extra expenses covered under the farm owner’s policy. In the end, he was able to rebuild his barn in a timely manner and replace equipment he had lost.

“I have only my customers’ best interests at heart,” said Renee.

That is why when someone comes to the agency, Renee goes through a fact-finding process with them. Because of this, she can learn more about their needs. Often, things that do not seem relevant at first turn out to be key in providing the best insurance coverage.

“We emphasize customer service in a way that differs from calling a 1-800 number and speaking with a different representative every time,” said Renee. “If I am your agent, you will speak with me, and I will be familiar with your policies. We also track any correspondences with our clients in our management system, so we stay familiar with what is going on with policies at any given time.”

Renee writes property and casualty lines at The Carmichael Agency. She also feels life insurance is one of the most essential policies. 

“Life insurance allows family members to keep all of the assets the other policies protect,” said Renee.

She also believes someone cannot be over-insured when it comes to liability. Renee makes sure her customers are aware of the importance of liability insurance.

“Liability premiums are the least expensive coverages on the policy, and you can often double those coverages with very little change in premium,” said Renee. “You do not have to be a millionaire to be sued like one, and in today’s world, it’s just something to be aware of.”

Her passion for being a resource for her customers doesn’t stop at liability. She is passionate about making sure all of her customers know what their policies mean and what options they have.

“I have been a part of this community my entire life and care about the people I work for,” said Renee. “I try to treat people the way I want to be treated. We all have to purchase insurance, and it does not have to be just something else to take care of on a list.”

Due to her agricultural background, Renee is particularly knowledgeable about farm policies, which can be very specialized and in-depth.

“They come easy for me because it’s what I have always known. I enjoy working with the farm community and don’t mind to break out my muck boots and walk around when I need to,” said Renee.

Renee has been an insurance agent since 2014 and is licensed in Ohio and West Virginia. She is licensed in both property and casualty lines, as well as life and health. In addition to general farm policies, Renee has life experience in the equine field. She takes a special interest in comprehensive equine policies. She also takes a special interest in grain and cattle exposures, thanks to growing up on her family’s dairy farm.

Call (740) 446-4677 or visit carmichaelinsuranceagency.com to talk with Renee about your insurance needs. Stop by the office at 579 Jackson Pike in Gallipolis, OH during regular business hours. We are open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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